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A Conspiracy of Cartographers

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Hi. My name's Maida, Lys or Mac to most. It's nice to meet you.

If you add me to your reading list, please comment on one of my public posts, so that I know that you have done so. I'm more likely to return the favor if you introduce yourself.

If you are on my list, I read your journal in full and am interested in keeping up with your life. I may not comment or reply to comments as much as I should, but I'm always listening.

"I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no 'brief candle' to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment; and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."
- George Bernard Shaw

"This could lead to excellence
Or serious injury
Only one way to know
Go, go, go
Go ahead, wreck your life
That might be good
Who can say what's wrong or right?
Nobody can."
- "Spiraling Shape", They Might Be Giants

My custom mood themes have been created by various people on LJ or elsewhere:

absurdity, agnosticism, alice in wonderland, alice's adventures in wonderland, alton brown, amethyst, amusement, anime, anthropology, archetypes, armchair socialism, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, babylon 5, being easily amused, big words, blink, books, buddhism, carey mulligan, celtic music, censorship, chaos, charles de lint, chocolate, civil liberties, civil rights, coffee, communication, comparative religions, conscientious objection, consciousness, constitutional rights, cooking, corvidae, corvids, crohn's disease, crows, crystals, curiousity, current events, david tennant, dead fish, delerium, depression, digital rights, digital slrs, discworld, disinformation, doctor who, ducky!, eddie izzard, education, edward gorey, electronic freedom, escape key, everything, exhaustion, fatigue, fiber arts, filk, firefly, folk music, food, free thought, gaelic storm, gary larson, geeks, geology, gir, gnosticism, great big sea, hashimoto's thyroiditis, headology, hiking, history, honesty, human rights, humour, hypothyroidism, informatics, information addiction, intellectual conversations, international politics, invader zim, irreverence, jewelry-making, knitting, learning, liberal politics, liberalism, library science, linguistics, making icons, marathons, medical rights, mottephobia, music, mythology, neil gaiman, news, pacific crest trail, pagnosticism, paradox, passion, patterns, perception, philosophy, photography, pro-choice, psychology, raw fish, reading, reality, red dwarf, research, responsibility, rocks, sarcasm, semantics, serenity, shiny things, simple pleasures, snark, social commentary, social engineering, society, spiritual exploration, spondyloarthropathy, stargate sg-1, stream of consciousness, susan ivanova, sushi, system of a down, taoism, tea, technology, terry pratchett, the far side, they might be giants, through the looking glass, thyroid, tmbg, truth, walking, walking marathons, world affairs, writing, xtc, yarn accumulation disorder


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